Near Charleston, South Carolina, There Are Three Beautiful Beaches To Explore

The King Street stores in Charleston’s busy centre are a key draw in this ancient coastal town. But don’t forget to see the city’s beautiful beaches while you’re there. Some of South Carolina’s nicest beaches may be found on the coastal islands.

A short drive and boat trip will take you to a quiet beach, a sandy playground for the whole family, or a bustling seaside leisure area. Your trip to Charleston will be much more enjoyable if you visit one of the many nearby beach towns or island playgrounds.

Best For A Laugh-Out-Loud Time

Folly Beach is greatest place to be if you have to be in the thick of the activity in the Charleston region.

1. Folly Beach, South Carolina, U.S.A

Folly Beach, a barrier island between both the Folly River as well as the Atlantic Ocean, is known to residents as “The Edge of America.” By night, Folly Beach is a great destination for locals and tourists looking for a good time in the sun. There are plenty of exciting bars and restaurants along the beach’s bustling main street that attract tanned beachgoers at night.

There’s no denying that Folly Beach is endowed with a sandy beach where you may spend the day relaxing. It is anticipated that the Folly Beach Pier will reopen in spring of 2023, after a year-long rehabilitation project. The deck and facilities, on the other hand, are free to the public and provide an excellent vantage point.

The Crab Shack is a great place to get a bite to eat in your beachwear and flip flops. Rita’s Seaside Grill is another delightful Folly Beach restaurant where you can sit back and have a relaxed lunch. Rooftop establishments on Center Street light up at night, and the music & party scene picks up.

Early beachgoers may find plenty of street parking using the Passport Parking app. With the app, you don’t have to get out of your blanket if you really want to extend your stay.

Clean bathrooms, picnic areas, and dressing rooms are available at Folly Beach County Park. For families with small children, this is a great location.

Best For Relaxing Beach Walks

Some beach activities need seclusion, which may be difficult to come across in busy tourist destinations. Three island beaches in Charleston, South Carolina, allow visitors to relax in the sun while maintaining its own particular, zen feel.

2. Sullivan’s Island

There is a bridge that connects Sullivan’s Island to the mainland. At low tide, the beach, which is slightly over three miles long, is extraordinarily broad and pleasant.

On Sullivan’s Island in the past, guests would be taken around the island by electric trolley, pausing at public access to the beach sites known as stations. You’ll note that each beach stop is referred to it by its station number, and the station reference is still in use today. Plan a sunset just on beach for a romantic evening. Watch the sun set over the lighthouse at station 18, where a blanket is waiting for you.

Make your way to a Obstinate Daughter for a European twist on some of the best dishes from the Lowcountry. A pizza with red & green tomatoes, mozzarella and basil is an excellent choice for a low-key evening.

Visit Fort Moultrie while on Sullivan’s Island for some historical exploration. This fort has undergone several reimaginings throughout the years, as seen by the history displayed below, which starts in 1776 and continues until World War II.

3. Bulls Island 

Uninhabited Bulls Island is the perfect place to go to if you’re craving some time in the great outdoors.

Trees that have fallen and been sun-bleached along the infamous Boneyard Beach. An abandoned graveyard filled with colossal bones looms large in the dismal landscape. Slow and tranquil walks through the graveyard of trees are a great place to reflect on your own life. Because of the destruction caused by severe hurricanes, this beach serves as a powerful reminder of Mother Nature’s destructive might.

It is a naturalist’s haven and a fascinating laboratory on Bulls Island. An abundance of birds may be seen in the area, making it an important stop just on migratory bird route. Many migratory and local species have been documented by the Carolina Bird Club. Many uncommon birds may be found on Bulls Island, such as the beautiful frigatebird and the fork-tailed flycatcher and the snow bunting.

If you’re interested in visiting Bulls Island, consider taking a ferry from Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.

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